Does Annapolis Have the Criminals Backs or Yours?

Over the last couple weeks we have seen an increase in crime in our neighborhoods and as a retired Sergeant from the Baltimore County Police Dept. I am always on the alert to legislation that affects the criminal justice system and the law abiding citizens of Maryland. The past several years I have seen a disturbing trend, the Maryland Legislature gives criminals of Maryland more rights and at the same time striping law abiding citizens of their rights. I want to take some time in this article to go over some of the bad pieces of legislation that passed last year and more bad pieces of legislation that are being considered again this year relating to crime and the criminal justice system.

Last year in Annapolis the Democrat majority passed legislation in Annapolis that allowed persons with a sentence of Life in Prison, which includes about 2500 murderers and rapists, the right to parole after a certain period of time. They also gave people that are in the United States illegally the right to instate tuitions. Another piece of legislation that thankfully failed was legislation that would stop a business owner from checking the criminal backgrounds of persons they want to hire.

This year the trend continues to help the criminals of Maryland. There is legislation filed that would not allow the police to charge a person with 1st degree murder if that person was not the actual person that committed the crime. This would greatly impact crimes like we saw happen in Towson just before Christmas where 4 individuals were just charged with murdering a young man. Under this legislation only one of these individuals could be charged with 1st degree murder, even though all 4 were involved in the crime.

Another piece of legislation under consideration would not allow a district court commissioner to issue a warrant for the arrest of any individual if the application is requested by any ordinary citizen like you or me, for a misdemeanor crime. Police don’t witness every crime and citizens help police in our communities. Not allowing citizens to petition the court will lead to more petty criminals not being brought to justice and make the police work harder to get them off the street.

A third piece of legislation we are hearing is to issue citations, just like a traffic ticket to persons that commit crimes like theft, destruction of property, etc.,  and in some case domestic violence, instead of the police arresting that suspect. Can you imagine the police not arresting a spouse who just committed an act of domestic violence, but being given a ticket and not removing them from the house where the victim is? I know from my years of police work this will lead to more violence and even more severe crimes.

We, the law abiding citizens, need to stand up and speak out to say enough is enough and tell our legislators that we will not stand for the shenanigans going on in Annapolis any longer. We need to tell the legislators it’s about time to take care of the needs of those who obey the law and not those who break the law.

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